“Things You Remember” video > Zach & Paige’s wedding

This is our new video for “Things You Remember.” Thanks to Don Coffey, Jr. for all the hours and hard work putting it together for us. Thanks to the Harrison family, Annie Clark-Rankin and Hippie Jack for the footage. And thanks to No Depression for sharing it on their website. This song and video are dedicated to Freddie Harrison.

We’re excited to be playing The Broadberry in Richmond on Saturday the 11th as the (open to the public) post-reception party for our dear friends Zach Hess and Paige Stratton’s wedding. They’ve been fans of Mic’s music for many years but over time we’ve all developed a great friendship with one another. You couldn’t ask for better fans or friends, and we’re honored to be there when they officially become family. Raise your glasses, son!


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