“STILL WANNA FIGHT” makes several “Best of 2012” lists

Wayne Bledsoe – Entertainment Writer at the Knoxville News Sentinel & Host of All Over the Road on WDVX
“Still Wanna Fight” Mic Harrison & the High Score
In his partnership with the High Score, Mic Harrison is the frontman in one of the best and hardest-working acts Knoxville has ever seen. He’s also a songwriter of the first order with a knack for classic pop hooks and a honky tonk vibe that makes you feel good down to your toes. However, behind the good time are often songs that are deeper than you imagined. “Still Wanna Fight” is the best place yet to appreciate why you need to pay close attention. Don’t take this guy for granted. He’s the real deal.

Rob Levering – co-host, WUTK-FM’s “The Funhouse”
Mic Harrison & The High Score, “Still Wanna Fight”: Like a mighty fine wine, the boys just keep getting better. Their strongest effort yet and one that I have worn out. Support local music and buy this album. It’s probably better than 99 percent of everything else you heard in 2012.

Derek Senter – co-host, WUTK-FM’s “The Funhouse”
Mic Harrison & The High Score, “Still Wanna Fight”: I’ve liked a lot of what Mic and the boys have done in the past, but this record is hands down the best thing they’ve done and should be all over the airwaves all across the country. This is better than anything you’ll hear on a “country” radio station. Why? Because it actually has a soul. Love this record! Think I’ll go put it in the ol’ CD player now … or fire up the iPod.

Todd Steed – Rock Legend, Jazz and Operations Coordinator at WUOT
Mic Harrison & the High Score – Still Wanna Fight

Scott West – co-proprietor and “head custodian,” Preservation Pub
Mic Harrison & the High Score, “Still Wanna Fight”

Steve Wildsmith – Weekend Editor at The Daily Times
Mic Harrison & The High Score, “Still Wanna Fight”
A dense, meaty record that draws as much from The High Score catalog as it does from Harrison’s alt-country past or the Southern rock the two forces have made so well over the past four records. The lead-off track, “Don’t Change Your Plans,” sounds like something Harrison might have offered up during the sessions for the final Superdrag studio record, “Last Call for Vitriol.” “Rock and Roll Clothes,” featuring guitarist Robbie Trosper on lead vocals, would fit nicely on the next record by The High Score by their lonesome, and the manner in which it all comes together underscores the fact that Harrison and the boys are so much better together than they are apart.


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