Mystery Merch

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Minimum price: $10.00

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Each package will have at least 2 items.

Maybe it’s a signed CD from Mic Harrison himself?
Maybe it’s a custom tote bag with a Mic Harrison and The High Score design you can’t find anywhere else?
Maybe it’s a one of a kind koozie…OR a koozie we don’t sell anymore
Maybe it’s a Mic Harrison t-shirt.
Mic Harrison and The High Score Buttons? Who knows?
Signed Mic Harrison poster? Maybe?

Take a chance, buy a mystery pack and see what you’ll end up with.
Help a band you love pay for all the unseen costs. Things like gas/repairs to the touring van/rent on the practice space/ ice for buddy the cooler. All these things help keep Mic Harrison and The High Score on the road.

See you at the next show!


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