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“Mic’s songwriting really shines brightly on such a small record. It takes some great musicianship and songwriting technique to show a full range of diverse music within just two songs. From the single strummed chords and matching harmonies of “Anytime Your Ready”, to the raucous pitch harmonic guitar driven leads of “Broken Hearted In A Single Wide”, this 7″ record encapsulates what great AMERICANA ROCK N’ ROLL is!”
– Von Cloedt 2015 :

“Roots rockers Mic Harrison & The High Score surprised long-time fans with their 7” collaboration with Knoxville country music legend, Con Hunley, on Anytime You’re Ready.  The pair of songs stretch the sounds of each, still sounding like MHHS, but expanded by the new influences.  Harrison and Hunley’s voices complement each other in two crowd-favorite sing-alongs.”
Sloane Spencer – Country Fried Rock 2015 :

“The next time that you’re craving some good ol’ rock and roll, set your sights on Mic Harrison and the High Score. You won’t be disappointed.”
Twangville – Mayer’s Playlist for July 2012 : Full Review HERE

“But for their fourth and latest album, ‘Still Wanna Fight,’ Harrison broke out a stack of full-on rock songs and turned the band loose.”
Jeffrey Lee Puckett : The Courier-Journal

“One should expect no less from a stylist like Harrison. He was cranking out expert power pop with the late, lamented V-Roys through the latter half of the ’90s. But his current band, The High Score, offers a more muscular variation of that sound. Country is still at play. But the drive is all learned rock ‘n’ roll.”
Walter Tunis :

“If you’re into roots-rock, try the BoDeans’ ‘All the World,’ the dB’s ‘That Time Is Gone,’ Pat Guadagno’s ‘You Never Even Tried,’ Hacienda’s “Savage,” Langhorne Slim’s ‘Bad Luck,’ Little Feat’s ‘Rooster Rag,’ Six Market Blvd’s ‘Stand,’ Mic Harrison and the High Score’s ‘Out of the Blue’ and ZZ Top’s ‘Over You.’ “
CMT – Discover New Music by Craig Shelburne : CMT

“The band has been consistently solid for, like, ever. But their latest album, Still Wanna Fight, is by far their best effort yet.”
‘Still Wanna Fight’ Review by John Sewell (Metro Pulse) : Full Review HERE

“Harrison and company’s rural roots show through, but the songwriting and production tilt toward classic power pop and old-fashioned ’70s and ’80s radio rock.”
Metro Pulse – article by Matthew Everett : Full article HERE

“The ringing guitars, Harrison’s poised yet confident vocals and a whiplash rhythm section combine to create the kind of album guaranteed to make a powerful impression, and being the barnburner that it is, it’s not surprising that Still Wanna Fight is as bracing as its boisterous handle implies.”
Lee Zimmerman / No Depression : Lee’s Listening Stack

“…that’s never stopped you from playing and writing and singing like you still have a lot to prove. And that’s how your new record with the High Score, just like all that came before it, feels. You still wanna fight, I still wanna listen.”
Rick Cornell / WCOM’s Dirty Laundry : Open letter to Mic Harrison