Anytime You’re Ready 7″ Vinyl

Sometimes a decade passes before you even know it.

It’s been 10 years since Mic Harrison, former lead co-singer-songwriter of The V-roys, and the members of pop-punk favorites The High Score threw in their lot together and began playing bars, beautiful theaters and festivals from Bonnaroo to Mucklewain. During that time the group released four albums, drank an ocean of beer, made memories to last two or three lifetimes, and created suitcases full of songs that you really oughta hear if you haven’t. Americana music doesn’t get any better.

For the band’s 10th anniversary, the members decided not to take a look backwards with a compilation album, but a look forward with an old-fashioned double-sided single that is a pure celebration.

At the Knoxville, Tenn., music festival Waynestock, in 2013, Mic Harrison And The High Score combined talents with country legend Con Hunley for a historic performance that music hounds in the town are still wagging their tongues about. Hunley kicked off that set by telling the band “Anytime you’re ready Boys, let ‘er go.” Mic, a guy who can hear a song in your breakfast order, decided to take that line and make it into a classic country single about catching that woman when the fool who has her now gives her up.

When it came time to record “Anytime You’re Ready,” Con was more than happy to add some guest vocals and moral support. The result is a terrific collaboration that should make fans of Mic and the High Score, fans of Con Hunley, and just regular fans of great country music mighty happy.

It’s backed by the country rocker “Broken Hearted In A Single Wide,” a song inspired by a story Con told during the group’s first practice together. You’ll have to catch Mic or Con to get them to tell you the full story, but it might take some bribing.

If this single is a preview of the next decade, there’s a lot of good music and memories ahead.

— Wayne Bledsoe¸ Knoxville News Sentinel entertainment writer and host of WDVX-FM’s “All Over the Road”

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